Customs Services

Complex customs procedures that require experience, time and specific knowledge can be entrusted to our team of professionals. Our experience will help you manage even the most difficult customs service procedures: import, export, transit and other procedures.

Customs brokers of Gevara rely on many years of experience and knowledge in order to help you manage even the most difficult customs procedures as well as fill in general administrative documents in respect of import and transit.

It does not matter whether you are importing or exporting goods, Gevara is ready to provide you different services of customs brokerage and ensure that your cargo transportation will be smooth and quick.

Customs Services

At the client’s request and in accordance with the contract in respect of the services of a customs broker, we represent the client at the Customs, carry out various procedures, submit requests, take samples of the goods, prepare and receive certificates of the origin of goods.

We provide consultations in respect of customs procedures and customs-approved treatment. Assistance in receiving customs clearance and certificates:

  • Submitting requests for customs clearance
  • Administering customs clearance
  • Correcting accepted customs declarations
  • Consulting on obtaining certificates
  • Receiving certificates through our customs broker

What is the A.TR. movement certificate? – The A.TR. movement certificate is intended for exported goods that meet the requirements of the free movement of goods of the European Community – Turkish Customs Union.

What is the EUR.1 movement certificate? – It is a certificate of the origin of goods which applies under some EU preferential trade agreements.

What is the T1? – It is a transit declaration in case of transportation of goods from third countries to EU countries.

The T1 declaration is required when the cargo is being transported on the territory of the State to a third country from one point to another and through some intermediate points, without the additional operations, such as transhipment, being performed.

Filling in the import declaration

Import – the bringing of goods or services into the State from a foreign country. Import procedures and customs formalities in the European Union as well as in the Republic of Lithuania, are regulated by the Union Customs Code. Our customs brokers will prepare import declarations for you and ensure that your cargo will be successfully transported.

Export – applies when the Union goods are exported to a third country or to special fiscal territories.  Our customs brokers will prepare export declarations for you and ensure that your cargo will be successfully transported. 

Goods are placed into a temporary storage warehouse after the temporary storage declaration has been completed. Goods in a temporary storage facility must be cleared through customs within 90 days or be re-exported.

Goods placed in a temporary storage warehouse must be included in the accounting of the temporary storage warehouse under the Order No. 1B-764 of 29 December 2011 of the General Director of the Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania.

Export Manifest – in separate parts (one export (re-export) declaration submitted at the office of export); or as a consolidated cargo (goods transported by a single vehicle and declared in more than one export (re-export) declaration); or when the goods are declared in one export (re-export) declaration, but are transported by another vehicle than the one declared.

We offer you a service of filling in a TIR carnet. The preparation and transmission of TIR electronic data have been the daily tasks of our customs brokers for 15 years already!

The TIR procedure within the customs territory of the Union can only be applied to the transit of goods, which starts or ends outside the customs territory of the Union or is carried out between two places of the customs territory of the Union through the territory of a third country.

We will help you to fill in the CMR consignment notes. From a legal standpoint, a consignment note (or CMR) shall always be filled in carefully and correctly. It is the most important document which designates the contract for cargo transportation from the sender to the recipient. At least three copies of the CMR (or more) shall be prepared. The CMR has a standardized form.

Download the template of the CMR consignment note
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