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Gevara – experts of partial cargo transportation, presenting themselves as the punks of the transport market. In 2007 we started providing services of small and partial cargo transportation.

15 years ago, there were only two employees in the company, today Gevara is a group of companies with 300 employees, a large team of customs brokers, its own fleet of trucks and a trademark that is well-known throughout Europe.

Within 15 years of experience in the field of logistics and transport Gevara has acquired a very wide circle of partners in respect of partial cargo transportation and currently we have about 150 partners throughout Europe.

In 2020 we founded the company “Gevara Transport” for the management of our own transport fleet and we purchased the first trucks in order to ensure an even higher quality of cargo transportation. We currently have about 100 trucks as well as smaller vehicles for distribution in the Baltic countries.

In 2023 we plan to purchase another 20 new trucks that meet the European standards, which will provide transportation services in Europe and the United Kingdom. A part of our truck fleet is intended for the provision of local cargo distribution services in Lithuania and the Baltic countries.

Gevara Companies

  • “Gevara” UAB
    Responsible for partial cargo transportation.
  • “Gevara Transport” UAB
    Responsible for full cargo transportation in Europe and England, takes care of the partial cargos of “Gevara” UAB.

The History of Gevara

The History of Gevara

“Gevara” UAB was founded in 2007. 15 years ago, there were only two employees in the company. Today Gevara is a group of companies with 300 employees, a large team of customs brokers, its own fleet of trucks and a well-known trademark.

Company Name

Within 15 years of experience in the field of partial cargo transportation, we have often received questions about the name of our company and its origin. As Gevara is a Lithuanian company its name is made up of two Samogitian words: “gera” (well) and “vara” (drives) – drives well. Therefore, Gevara – drives well!

The Importance of Lithuanian Identity

We are proud to be a Lithuanian company and we always try to demonstrate our patriotism, both inside and outside the company. That is why every truck of Gevara has the national coat of arms of Lithuania - Vytis.


We carefully plan and dive into details.


We adapt quickly to many different situations.


Cargo journey speed is an intrinsic feature of transport.

Social Responsibility

  • We are not bragging, we are proud and encourage all other socially responsible companies. We want to show that the aim of a responsible company should not only be to increase its profits, but that it is also very important to share and support others. Each Gevara employee has provided an average of 75 euros 59 cents of support in 2021. The mentioned amount is allocated from the funds of the company, which are earned by the employees of Gevara.

  • Mothers’ Union

    We are long-term supporters of the Mothers’ Union as we have been cooperating since 2014. In 2021 we donated EUR 15000, provided free international transportation services as well as free local transportation. Our staff members participate in Vilnius Marathon and run for children with cancer who are under the care of the Mothers’ Union.

    We also supported the construction of the Mothers’ Union home for children with cancer. Here children have the opportunity to rehabilitate, enjoy the swimming pool and water rehabilitation. There is also a hotel where the families of sick children can stay for free while children undergo chemotherapy or other procedures as not everyone lives in Vilnius so this opportunity is invaluable for families who already experience such difficulties.

  • Jonas Valančiūnas Support Fund

    We have also contributed to the support fund of Jonas Valančiūnas, the famous basketball player. Adolescents' day home called Išvien (Together) established by the basketball player in Lithuania with a big support from Dalia Grybauskaitė - The President of Lithuania.

    Since we are not only Lithuanian patriots, but also fans of basketball and this sport is like our second religion, we are happy to have received a symbolic gift from Jonas Valančiūnas: his own jersey with his signature. It was hung in our Gevara museum and our guests and staff can see it every day.

  • Cake Day

    Every year our employees organize the “Cake Day” during which the funds are collected in order to support homeless animals.


    We constantly donate blood because we believe that donating blood not only saves lives but also gives us the happiness to feel like heroes. It's good to donate! We have already donated more than 25 liters of blood, and 60 transport punks have already become donors!

  • ukrain support

    Already in the first week of the war, Gevara's employees collected funds and urgently sent them to Ukraine. The first aid was medical equipment, which, we hope, saved someone's life. At that time, the donors collected 1000 euros, and "Benu" pharmacy, "Gintarinė" pharmacy, "Eurovaistinė" pharmacy made huge discounts for us, so we bought 40% more goods than we would have been able to buy. Thanks for lithuanian pharmacies!

    in 2022 in November, we won the auction, which was announced during the event by one of the most famous Ukrainian businessmen, Evgeniy Chernyak (Евгений Черняк). The prize of the auction was a private sales lecture in our office, and during the auction the sum of 10,000 EUR was donated to the Ukrainian Children's Hospital in Zaporizhia.

E-gevara Clients Self-Service and Cargo Tracking System

E-gevara is a client self-service and cargo tracking system which ensures a transparent process of transportation. The system allows to save not only our time, but most importantly, the time of our clients. The purpose of the system is to make the daily life of our clients a lot easier and to eliminate the unnecessary stress, save time and administrative costs. Therefore, we are also able to reduce electricity and paper costs, which is an extremely important aspect in respect of our environment.

We are aware that such savings are conditional, but let’s imagine how much electricity is wasted while making calls, writing emails and messages, charging phones, sending paper invoices, etc. The process of sending paper invoices also wastes the time of other people and even increases the transport costs as letters have to be physically transported by postal vehicles, which emit an additional amount of CO2 into the environment.

That is why we decided to create this self-service and cargo tracking system where every client can find the necessary e-invoices, cargo status, cargo location, cargo invoice, cargo transportation documents, contracts and other documents as well as any information related to the partial cargo transportation.

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Transparency and accountability

You will always know where your cargo is.

Peace of mind

It will give you peace of mind as you will always receive the information.


Cargo tracking allows you to control your cargo.