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Gevara, known as the rebels of the transport industry, specializes in partial cargo transportation services since its establishment in 2007.
What began with just two employees has evolved over 16 years into a conglomerate employing 300 staff, including a robust team of customs brokers.
Gevara boasts its fleet of trucks and has established its trademark as a prominent entity across Europe.

With over 16 years of expertise in logistics and transportation, Gevara has cultivated an extensive network of partners specializing in partial cargo transportation. Presently, we collaborate with approximately 150 partners across Europe, further enhancing our reach and capabilities in the industry.

In 2020 we founded the company Gevara Transport for the management of our own transport fleet and we purchased the first trucks in order to ensure an even higher quality of cargo transportation. We currently have about 100 trucks as well as smaller vehicles for distribution in the Baltic countries.

In 2023 we plan to purchase another 20 new trucks that meet the European standards, which will provide transportation services in Europe and the United Kingdom. A part of our truck fleet is intended for the provision of local cargo distribution services in Lithuania and the Baltic countries.

Gevara Companies

  • Gevara UAB
    Responsible for partial cargo transportation.
  • Gevara Transport UAB
    Responsible for full cargo transportation in Europe and England, takes care of the partial cargos of Gevara UAB.

The History of Gevara

The History of Gevara

Established in 2007, Gevara UAB began with just two employees. Over the span of 16 years, it has evolved into a corporation comprising 300 employees, including a substantial team of customs brokers, along with its own fleet of trucks and a renowned trademark.

Company Name

Throughout our extensive experience in partial cargo transportation, inquiries about the origin of our company name have been frequent. As a Lithuanian entity, Gevara derives from two Samogitian terms: "gera" (meaning well) and "vara" (meaning drives) – collectively signifying "drives well."

The Importance of Lithuanian Identity

Embracing our Lithuanian roots is integral to our ethos. Whether internally or externally, we proudly showcase our patriotism. Each truck in the Gevara fleet proudly displays the national coat of arms of Lithuania - Vytis.


We meticulously strategize and delve into specifics.


We swiftly adjust to a variety of circumstances.


The velocity of cargo transportation is an inherent characteristic of the logistics process.

Social Responsibility

  • No, we're not boasting; rather, we take pride in and encourage all socially responsible companies to follow suit. We aim to demonstrate that the objective of a responsible company extends beyond profit maximization; it's crucial to share and support others. In 2021, each employee of GEVARA contributed an average of €75.59 to support efforts. This contribution is drawn from the company's funds, which are generated by every employee of UAB Gevara.

  • Mothers’ Union

    We have been dedicated supporters of the "Mamų Unija" support and charity fund since 2014. In 2021, our commitment continued with a donation of 15,000 EUR, alongside the provision of complimentary transportation services, including local transfers. Moreover, our team actively participated in the Vilnius Marathon, running in support of children with cancer under the auspices of the "Mamų Unija" foundation.

    Furthermore, we played a pivotal role in the construction of houses for children with cancer by the "Mamų Unija" Foundation. These homes provide lodging free of charge for families of sick children, allowing them to stay together during chemotherapy treatments or other medical procedures in hospitals across the country. This support is particularly invaluable for families residing outside of Vilnius who face additional challenges.

    Additionally, we collaborated on a project with the artist Algius Krisčiūnas to adorn all the houses of the Mothers' Union Foundation with his exquisite posters.

    In 2022, on the eve of the "Day of Pies," we continued our support by donating 10,000 EUR to the "Mamų Unija" support and charity fund.

  • Jonas Valančiūnas Support Fund

    There's no such thing as too much kindness, which is why we also made a contribution to the support fund of the renowned basketball player, Jonas Valančiūnas. Not only are we proud Lithuanian patriots, but we are also avid basketball enthusiasts. Basketball holds a special place in our hearts—it's almost like a second religion. Therefore, we were thrilled to receive a personal autographed basketball jersey from Jonas, which now proudly occupies an esteemed position in the Gevara office museum.

  • Cake Day

    The annual "Cake day" is a charitable event organized by employees, where funds raised are dedicated to supporting homeless animals.


    Donating is a noble act! Blood donation is crucial for saving lives, which is why Gevara backs this initiative. We've already contributed over 25 liters of blood, with more than 60 colleagues joining as donors!

  • ukrain support

    In the initial week of the conflict, employees of Gevara promptly raised funds to aid those affected by the war in Ukraine. The first relief package included a variety of medical supplies, the procurement of which was supported by BENU Pharmacy, GINTARINĖ Pharmacy, and EUROVAISTINĖ, offering substantial discounts. This enabled the purchase of a larger quantity of tools, significantly expanding the scope of assistance. With a budget of 1000 euros, we were able to acquire 40% more medical equipment for various purposes, for which we are immensely grateful.

    In November 2022, we secured a winning bid at an auction announced during an event by one of Ukraine's prominent businessmen, Evgeniy Chernyak (Евгений Черняк). The auction prize was a private sales lecture at our office, and a donation of 10,000 EUR was made to the Ukrainian Children's Hospital in Zaporizhia during the event.

E-gevara Customer Self-Service and Cargo Tracking Platform

E-gevara is a self-service and cargo tracking system designed to save both our time and, importantly, our customers' time.

Within this system, customers have access to electronic invoices, cargo status updates, precise cargo locations, specific cargo invoices, transportation documents, contracts, and other relevant information related to partial cargo transportation. This simplifies the daily routine for customers, reducing unnecessary stress, time, and administrative costs.

This collaborative approach not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to environmental preservation by minimizing electricity and paper usage, which is crucial for our natural resources.

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